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Monday, August 28, 2017

Third Game Drive Weekend

William, clinic director and game drive driver, hit it out of the park Saturday.  Lions and Leopards and Cheetah, oh my.........

First, though, a few pictures of  'non-predators'

Mongooses, (Mongeese?)  'flow' into the area behind the clinic, just about every night to check out the trash pile.  'Flow' meaning, about 20-30 come in all together, bounce around a bit, then 'flow' out again, like a flying carpet.

We ran into the Black Rhino again,  still just trudging along.  He is always surrounded by vans, doesn't seem to bother him.
A few things:  This is a typical view of a zebra.  They are always moving away from us. Also, notice there are strips on their tails, finally, either most of the zebras are pregnant, or there is more food on the Mara then we realize.

These bad-boys were always hanging out with the vultures after the carnivore kills.  Storks of some sort.  Also very noisy, and BIG, (probably 3 feet tall)!

More on elephants in the next post, but we'll end with this baby elephant 'practicing' moving his ears back and forth.  Reminded us of Dumbo!

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  1. Bird pictures are a welcome relief after the carnage. There appears to be a lot of feed as grazing land goes. Very green anyway.