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Monday, August 28, 2017

Third Game Drive Weekend 3.0

This may have been our best viewing.  A leopard. Which, by the way completes our seeing the African Big Five.  They are elephant, water buffalo, lion, hippo, and leopard.

We had heard there was a leopard sighting, so we and many other vans and jeeps headed over to this grouping of trees and shrubbery hoping for a glance.  We were only there about 5 minutes when the leopard popped our right in front of us!!  We had front row seats.

Now you can see what leopard's spots do, he is right in the middle of the photo.
Now, so you can catch your breath, more bird pictures......

Not sure what this bird is, it looks like a cross between a duck and a hammer.

African Pea-Hen

This bird is lilac-breasted roller ,Kenya's National Bird.


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