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Friday, August 8, 2014

Our Trip Coming to a Close

Our trip has wound down to its end.  We spent about 2.5 weeks here at the clinic in the Maasai Mara.  During our time here I saw just over 100 patients and extracted just shy of 100 teeth.  As I have mentioned before there is no preventative care here, therefore the high number of teeth needing extractions.  They basically wait until the tooth has decayed so far that there are limited options and usually an extraction is necessary.
As we left the clinic for the long bumpy drive back to Nairobi we encountered this vehicle which had a tie rod go out as it attempted to cross this narrow bridge.  We luckily did not meet the same fate.  All of the passengers and driver were ok.

As we stopped to check on the vehicle crash all of these school children came to us looking for sweets.  We gave them toothbrushes instead.

Some friends saying good bye as we drove by.

Enjoying some roof top driving.

Some of our last patients.

The boys preparing our Wildebeest skull to hang on the clinic tree.

We as a family were blessed to be able serve our fellow mankind here in Africa and were very grateful for their kindness and hospitality to us.  They were extremely thankful for our service and we were honored to be able to serve.

Not only did we want to be able to serve others that would never have access to care otherwise, but we also wanted our boys to be exposed to how a good portion of the world lives outside the luxuries and conveniences of the first world.  Not only do the locals survive without television, video games, refrigerators and wash machines.  They actually seem to enjoy their lives and relish in the simplicity.  I think it was an enlightening experience for my boys and will make them better human beings, ready to help others in need, as they grow older.
I want to thank all of those that followed our trip on the blog.  We look forward to our return to the U.S. and seeing our family, friends, fellow co-workers, and patients at Twain Harte Family Dental Care.