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Monday, August 28, 2017

Third Game Drive Weekend 5.0

Sunrise on the Mara

Finally, our biggest thrill.  A cheetah kill!!  We had started tracking this cheetah when it was probably 400 yards out through the binoculars.  We slowing started driving closer as it walked, sat, pondered life.  Then, when we were no more than 50 yards away its slow rambling instantly turned into a 60mph run.  She zig-zagged for no more than 50 yards and 4 seconds and she caught a dyk dyk.  A small rabbit sized antelope.

We could only watch as we fumbled for our cameras.  As we got closer, she continue to walk, with the dyk dyk struggling for another 30 seconds then limp.  She continued to walk to find something to 'hide' behind for her mid-morning snack.  What a treat to see this animal in action.  Our gain, the dyk dyk's loss.

Our farewell lunch on the Mara

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